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As the Delphin Family, in order to be a leader in the region that provides qualified services in the field of tourism and a business chain that has a say in the world;
We undertake to fulfill all our activities in line with the determined objectives, relevant national legal obligations and international justifications, and to continuously improve the system we have established by regularly training and developing our employees in this regard.


As the Delphin Family, in order to leave a livable environment to future generations;
We undertake to reduce waste by using raw materials, energy and natural resources efficiently,
to provide recycling/recovery or disposal as much as possible by separating our wastes at their source,
to control the results of our work qualitatively and quantitatively and to ensure continuous improvement, 
to support local producers and local employment while making investment decisions, to be cautious and careful about their effects on the environment by considering guest-oriented environmental conditions,
We are committed to fulfilling national legal obligations and international justifications while raising and promoting environmental awareness of our employees, guests and stakeholders and creating the most important awareness.
As Delphin Family, in order to prioritize guest needs and expectations by providing quality and safe products and services in the tourism sector we operate;
We undertake to protect human health by fully applying hygiene rules in food production, presentation and storage areas from the purchase of raw materials to the consumption of produced foods, with the belief that food safety is everyone's right and everyone's responsibility, 
to establish effective communication channels with internal and external parties within the food production chain,
to take care that the food products used are supplied primarily from the local people,
to realize, follow-up and continuous improvement of the objectives that determine the level of Food Safety in accordance with the legal regulations and guest requirements 
to organize trainings in order to increase the competence levels of our employees and in order to achieve our goals, we receive the most valuable support from our expert employees
As the Delphin Family, We undertake 
to prevent possible occupational accidents, occupational diseases and harmful environmental effects at source,
to detect and eliminate unsafe situations & movements and possible accident risks that may cause occupational accidents and diseases in our facility in advance by making an effective risk assessment,
to provide trainings to ensure that our stakeholders (employees, subcontractors, visitors) have access to Occupational Health and Safety awareness, development, placement and continuity; 
to comply with Occupational Health and Safety legislation, laws, demands of the relevant parties we serve regarding Occupational Health and Safety with the aim of being one of the leading and exemplary organizations in the tourism sector.

As Delphin Hotels & Resorts, in order to leave more resources and a livable environment for future generations with our measures to reduce energy and natural resource consumption by using energy resources effectively in ali our activities we carry out, we undertake;

  • To provide all necessary information and resources for  the  determination, realization and review of energy goals and  targets
  • To comply with legal and other requirements to comply with the necessary legislative obligations and the expectations of the relevant parties in making energy efficient choices in the design and revision of our processes,
  • To ensure that new products and equipment purchased and supplied are energy efficient, and to ensure the supply of energy efficient products and services,
  • Within the scope of our integrated Management System, to continuously improve by working in compliance with the Energy Manage­ment System standard.


As the Delphin FAMILY, we aim to accept all our customers as guests and to provide services by blending national and international values with the awareness and responsibility of being a well-established organization in tourism by undertaking that

  • we shall start the solution process by giving importance and recording by our employees with an impartial and honest approach and without any discrimination
  • and we shall review and conclude the requests and complaints within the framework of the conditions and within the period required by the guest satisfaction and inform our guests,
  • We aim to improve and continuously improve the experiences of our guests within the framework of the privacy principle and undertake to provide all kinds of resources to achieve this goal.

As the Delphin Family, we aim to contribute to the development of the environment, our employees and the society we live in, as well as to ensure sustainable tourism.

Within the framework of the "more value with fewer resources" approach; our sustainability policy is to ensure the continuity of our activities by aiming to meet economic, environmental and social needs without harming the living conditions of future generations.

Local Community Policies are the following:  To contribute to the development of our geography and local community, to accelerate economic and social development, to increase competitiveness and innovation capacity, to support local people and local businesses, to protect and promote our traditions.

To support local producers and local employment and the regional economy when making investment decisions

To support, respect, and communicate with communities engaged in laws, ethics, social, cultural, and environmental activities in all regions where it operates

To support the promotion of the food, activity, culture and traditions of the region to the guests (religious places, cultural places, natural riches, etc.), and to ensure that the employees are trained in this regard.

In order to protect the rights of children everywhere; with the belief of creating a safe environment for both the children of our guests who spend their holiday with us and the children living in the region
as the Delphin Family, we argue that all children have the right to be protected from violence, neglect and abuse. It is our priority to protect the child from actions that harm or prevent the development of physical and mental health of children, including physical, mental and sexual exposure of the child to bad behaviors by the society.
Children are not allowed to have any refreshments within the hotel and restaurant without the permission of their parents. Physical interactions and  contact that may occur during communication with children are avoided.
We undertake to do everything possible to protect children from all kinds of harm, discrimination; from all kinds of exploitation, including sexual abuse, and to respect their rights, wishes and feelings.

As the Delphin Family, we accept acting with a sense of social responsibility in all our activities as a sign of the value we attach to human beings. While continuing our activities, we undertake to work to ensure that our social and economic effects are beneficial to the people of the region as much as possible, and that our negative effects are reduced or eliminated. 

As the Delphin Family, we respect the freedom of opinion and belief of our employees in our corporate life; we take the principle of observing human rights and not discriminating between them for reasons such as gender, age, belief, etc. Starting from the recruitment process within the framework of the principle of equality, we stand against all attitudes and behaviors of discriminatory elements based on all individual characteristics such as gender, age, marital status, religion, language, ethnicity, pregnancy status or probability in career management practices. In accordance with the law, legislation and regulations, we act with the awareness of social responsibility for not employing persons under the age of 18 and/or child workers.