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Membership Questions

Membership Questions

Q1. Should I become a member for booking?
A1. No. You can book a room without becoming a member to our website.

Q2. What are the advantages of membership?
A2. After, becoming a member, you can easily access discounted prices and special offers.

Q3. I made a booking without becoming a member. Can I get a discount for that booking by becoming a member?
A3. Unfortunately, it is impossible. No discount can be applied after booking confirmation.

Q4. Should I make a booking every year to continue my advantage?
A4. No. You it is not necessary.

Q5. Is it sufficient for me to access advantages just by becoming a member?
A5. Yes, after becoming a member, special discounts and loyal guest discounts are identified in the system.

Q6. I am a long-term guest of Delphin hotels. Does it provide me any extra advantage?
A6. Yes. Within 48 hours after becoming a member, long-term guest discount is reflected in the system.

Q7. Can I make a booking in other's name through my membership?
A7. No. Every membership is personal; therefore, the member must stay personally. He can take advantage from discounts and other advantages for people and rooms to stay with him/her.

Q8. I will stay in Delphin hotels for the first time. Does membership provide any advantage for me?
A8. Yes. After, becoming a member and complete your membership details, you can access our special offers.

Q9. Forgot my password, what should I do?
A9. You can conduct your process by clicking on the "forgot my password" link from the member logon page.

Q10. How can I change my password?
A10. You can send an e-mail to through your e-mail registered in the system.

Q11. I cannot change my personal details. What should I do?
A11. Profile details cannot be changed after confirmed by the user to ensure security and prevent abuse. For changing them, you can send an e-mail to through your e-mail registered in the system.

Q12. I do not want to receive any add and offer mails. What should I do?
A12. You should approve the cookies from our website. Also, after logging in, you should remove the tick in the promotion checkbox in your "Profile Details" page on the menu.

Q13. Can I permanently delete my membership?
A13. Yes. You can.

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Hotel Questions

Hotel Questions

Q1. Distance from the airport to the hotel?
A1. Lara facilities are about 10 km to Antalya International Airport while Alanya facilities are 90 km to there.

Q2. Transfer service between the airport and hotel? 
A2. You can add paid transfer service between the airport and the hotel during your booking through our website or call center.

Q3. What is the distance of the closest settlement to the hotel?
A3. Lara facilities are about 15 km to Antalya city centre while Alanya facilities are about 30 km to Side or Alanya centre.

Q4. Access to the city centre?
A4. All our facilities have free service to close centres. You should have a reservation 1 day before to get this service. Also, you can access anywhere from our facilities by bus, shared taxi or taxi.

Q5. What are the Check-in and check-out hours?
A5. The room check-in time of our facilities is 14:00. Check-out time is before noon 12:00.

Q6. I will arrive at the airport early. Can I check-in before the scheduled time?
A6. Our front desk staff will try to help you for free or for a free based on availability. The room check-in time of our facilities is 14:00.

Q7. Can I check out late as my return flight is at a late hour?
A7. Our front desk staff will try to help you for free or for free based on availability. Check-out time is before noon 12:00.

Q8. Is there any luggage room where we can leave our luggage on the check-out date?
A8. There is a free luggage room in our facilities.

Q9. Can we have a free breakfast, if we check in early?
A9. Yes. You should submit your voucher to reception.

Q10. We will leave late on the check-out date. Can we have a free diner?
A10. Yes. You can continue using the facility after leaving your room in the check-out date.

Q11. Do you have a hotel physician and drugstore?
A11. We have a healthcare professional in our facilities. No drugstore. You can get directions of the closest drugstore from our front desk.

Q12. Do you have a hairdresser and a market in your hotels?
A12. Yes.

Q13. Are there any stores in your hotels?
A13. Although it varies, there are a hairdresser, a market, a boutique and a jeweller in our hotels.

Q14. Which languages are spoken?
A14. In addition to Turkish, German, English and Russian, in some periods, we serve in Arabic, Farsi and French.

Q15. Are pets allowed?
A15. No.

Q16. Smoking in restaurants, bars and rooms?
A16. It is forbidden to smoke in indoor spaces in accordance with Turkish laws. Smoke-free outdoor spaces are used for smoking.

Q17. Can I change my foreign currency?
A17. Our facilities do not change any foreign currency. You can get directions to the closest exchange office from our front desk.

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Concept Questions

Concept Questions

Q1. What is the most appropriate season for your hotel?
A1. Delphin Imperial and Delphin Be Grand Resort facilities serve 12 months. Other facilities mostly serve in April-October term by slight differences. There is a sunny and hot climate in Antalya during June-July-August and September.

Q2. What is Ultra All-Inclusive concept? Do you have other concepts?
A2. You can see concept details of our facilities through "General" tab of each facility. Botanik Platinum and Botanik Hotel have All-Inclusive concept. Other facilities have Ultra All-Inclusive concept.

Q3. What are paid services?
A3. Details are available in "General" tab of each facility.

Q4. What are the summer and winter concepts of the hotel?
A4. In summer concept, there is diversity of services including outdoor services. Details are available in "General" tab of each facility.

Q5. Water sports? Free or for a fee?
A5. There are independent firms providing water sports services on the beach of our facility. They serve for a fee.

Q6. Is there a free parking lot in your hotel?
A6. Our facilities have free parking lots.

Q7. What are the sports and activities of your facilities?
A7. Despite they very, tennis, ping-pong, darts, billiard’s, bowling, step, gymnastics, water gymnastics, aerobic and etc. are available.

Q8. Is there any trainer in fitness centers?
A8. In fitness centers of our facilities, our guests train with trainers/instructors. Times and days may vary.

Q9. What are the paid and free spa services?
A9. There are independent firms providing Spa center services in all our facilities. You can see details from "Spa Center" tab of all our facilities.

Q10. Are there any funfair and aquapark in your facility?
A10. Yes. Services dates and times vary.

*The Ferris Wheel and Gondola will not be opened for 2020 Summer Season.​

Q11. Laundry service? Free or for a fee?
A11. Our facilities provide laundry services for a fee.

Q12. Can we organize celebrations for special days?
A12. Wedding, engagement and etc. large organizations are not held in our facilities. On the other hand, our public relations department help you with your special table and free A'la Carte Restaurant requests for your dinners.

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Booking And Payment Questions

Booking And Payment Questions

Q1. How can make a booking?
A1. You can make a booking through our call center or official website. You must become a member to take advantage from opportunities and advantages.

Q2. How can I cancel or change my booking?
A2. As, cancellation procedures vary, you can change or cancel your booking through the link in your booking confirmation.

Q3. Unsuccessful payment while booking through your official website. What should I do?
A3. You can pay by Visa or Master Card. Payment problems are mainly based on your Bank. You can send an e-mail to for your payment related problems.

Q4. How can I access my current booking?
A4. If, you are a member, you can access all your bookings from "My Bookings" tab on the Menu. In any case, a booking mail is sent to your e-mail.

Q5. I have not received a booking confirmation mail. What should I do?
A5. Please, check your spam folder of your mail box. If, your e-mail is wrong or under any circumstance, you can send an e-mail to

Q6. How can I submit a special request for my booking?
A6. While, making your booking, you can add your requests in the notes section. You can submit your requests to our call center staff while booking through our call center.

Q7. I am under 18. Can I stay without my parents?
A7. No, at least 1 guest must be over 18 to stay.

Q8. Do you have any discount for booking for multiple rooms?
A8. Yes. You can see the group discount details from our offers page.

Q9. I am a hotel or agency employee. Can I get additional discount?
A9. Yes. After, becoming a member, you can send an e-mail to by attaching your company card and take advantage from our special offers.

Q10. How can I use the honeymoon concept? Is there a time?
A10. Our guests to stay in our hotel within 6 months upon marriage can use our honeymoon concept.

Q11. I cannot make a booking with advance payment and flexible price at the same time. What should I do?
A11. You can only make a booking for multiple rooms at the same time only through the same price type.  Only the same price type can be added to the basket.

Q12. Should I submit any document during check-in? What are they?
A12. You can check-in only with your ID or passport for bookings made through our website or call center. The booking confirmation certificate and Voucher are requested for check-in for your bookings through agencies or different channels.

Q13. If, another person pays me with his/her credit/debit card, will I experience any problem during check-in?
A13. Yes. The holder of the Credit/Debit card must stay.

Q14. Can I pay through my corporate credit card?
A14. Yes. Possible with the certificate including company details and the paper proving the position of the person to stay in that company.

Q15. Which credit cards do you accept? Any installment option? 
A15. You can pay with Visa or Master Card for your bookings through our website or call center. For payments through Turkey, Yapı Kredi Bank provides maximum 9 installments, Garanti Bank maximum 6 installments and İş Bank maximum 6 installments.

Q16. How can I trust this website? How is my credit card and private information protected?
A16. You can access cookie management from here and the Privacy Law regulation from here. Also, our website has SSL certification.

Q17. I do not have a credit card (or I do not want to use it) how can I pay? Can I pay through bank transfer?
A17. You can pay by bank transfer through our call center. Also, you can pay during check-in for your bookings done through "Flexible Price Type".

Q18. I would like to get an invoice for my booking. What should I do?
A18. You can send an e-mail to with your booking number to get or form an invoice.

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Room Questions

Room Questions

Q1. Do you have any handicapped room? Access to the pools, beach and the restaurant?
A1. We have handicapped rooms with different details in all our facilities. Every location in our facilities is accessible. Handicapped rooms are not booked, we try to help you based on availability.

Q2. Wireless internet in rooms and public spaces? Free or for a fee?
A2. Wireless internet is free in everywhere in our facilities.

Q3. Is there an iron in rooms?
A3. No. We have paid laundry service.

Q4. Do rooms have carpet floors?
A4. Some rooms have carpet floors. All rooms are covered with laminated floors.

Q5. Is there any kettle, tea and coffee in the rooms?
A5. In general, most rooms have free kettle, instant tea and coffee for free.

Q6. TV broadcast?
A6. All our facilities have satellite TV.

Q7. Do you have room service? Free or for a fee?
A7. We have free and paid room services varying from hotel to hotel.

S8. Are there a hairdryer and towels in rooms?
A8. All rooms have hairdryer and towels.

Q9. Bathtup or Jacuzzi in the bathroom?
A9. Almost all facilities have shower in the rooms. Some rooms have bathtup or Jacuzzi.

Q10. Do you have rooms without balcony / do you have economy rooms?
A10. All rooms have balcony.

Q11. Do the rooms have a fridge and a stove?
A11. No.

Q12. Universal adapter? Voltage supplied to room sockets?
A12. Rooms have 220 V-50 Hz like all Turkey.

Q13. Smoking in rooms?
A13. No. It is forbidden by laws to smoke in indoor spaces.

Q14. Can I use Netflix and similar apps on the TV in the room?
A14. Yes. There is an application on TV. The hotel has no account. You can watch with your own account.

Q15. Is there any game console, multimedia player in the rooms?
A15. No.

Q16. Do the TV in rooms has a HDMI input?
A16. Yes. At least one HDMI input is available.

Q17. Minibar? How frequently is it refreshed?
A17. All facilities have minibar for free. Refreshed on daily basis.

Q18. Any safety-deposit box in rooms? Free or for a fee?
A18. Yes. Free.

Q19. After I checked out, I realized that I had forgotten one of my belongings in the room, what should I do?
A19. You should call our facility and contact the front desk or public relations department.

Q20. Is it possible to put a crib in the room?
A20. You can request a crib during your booking. A free crib can be provided based on availability of your room.

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Restaurant And Bar Questions

Restaurant And Bar Questions

Q1. Gluten-free cuisine?
A1. Yes. Available in our open-buffet restaurants.

Q2. Diabetic foods?
A2. Yes. Available in our open-buffet restaurants.

Q3. Diet menu?
A3. Yes. Available in our open-buffet restaurants.

Q4. Freshly-squeezed fruit juices?
A4. Yes. Available in our open-buffet restaurants during breakfast. Available in our vitamin bar at various hours.

Q5. All A'la Carte restaruants are free? How many times we can use them?
A5. Yes. You should have a reservation for using our A'la Carte restaurants. Each restaurant is free for once.

Q6. All alcoholic drinks are free?
A6. Some import alcoholic drinks are for a fee.

Q7. Reservation needed for the open-buffet restaurant?
A7. No.

Q8. Baby feeding chairs?
A8. Yes.

Q9. Kid's buffet?
A9. Yes. Available in our open-buffet restaurants.

Q10. Do you have any dress code?
A10. Yes. You cannot use our open-buffet and A'la Carte restaurants with swimsuits, undershirt, shorts, slippers and etc.

Q11. Can people under 18 enter the disco?
A11. Yes, guests under 18 can enter the disco. But, alcoholic drinks are served to our guests at and over 18.

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Mini Club Questions

Mini Club Questions

Q1. Do you have a babysitter service?
A1. No.

Q2. What is the age limit for mini club?
A2. Mini club serves to our little guests from 4 to 12.

Q3. What is the mini club concept in summer?
A3. We have several indoor and outdoor activities.

Q4. What is the mini club concept in winter?
A4. We have only indoor activities.

Q5. Available languages in the Mini club?
A5. Turkish, German, English and Russian

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Pool And Beach Questions

Pool And Beach Questions

Q1. Does each hotel have its own beach?
A1. Yes. All our facilities are on the seaside and each one has its own beach.

Q2. Gravel beach? Sandy beach?
A2. Alanya’s beaches are gravel and Lara’s are sandy.

Q3. Are there sunbeds, umbrellas and towels at the beach, pools and the pier?
A3. Yes. Served for free.

Q4. Which pools are open during winter? 
A4. Delphin Imperial and Delphin Be Grand Resort have heated indoor pool and heated outdoor pool. Heated outdoor pools are open based on weather conditions.

Q5. Is there any pool for adults?
A5. There are pools for adults in some facilities during summer. In addition, animation and music broadcast are available.

Q6. Is it possible to swim in pools and sea with a burkini?
A6. Only swimsuits are allowed.

Q7. Is it possible to go in a pool with a wheelchair?
A7. There are shallow (gradually deepening) pools in some facilities.

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