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Sport & Fitness

Sports are an essential part of a healthy life. With numerous facilities and services provided by Delphin Palace, it is possible to keep fit during the holiday as well. Comfortable and well-equipped fitness areas await you during your stay. Dart, table tennis, billiard, bowling, gymnastics, step, aerobic and more options are available to you to find what is most suitable for you. You can use the fitness equipment safely with support from expert coaches. All conditions are designed according to your wishes and needs. Delphin Palace is the right address for a healthy and enjoyable holiday. 


No Need to Discontinue Your Workout Schedule

Workouts can be a fun part of your vacation. You can have a relaxing and enjoyable time without having to abandon your workout progress. Workout machines await you in stylish and equipped facilities. You can start the day with an efficient exercise routine before continuing with various sports that are available at Delphin Palace. Trying out new sports could liven up your holiday as well. Water gymnastics became a trendy branch recently as it actively works on your muscles and relaxes your soul. You can also choose indoor games such as billiards to have fun with your friends. Step exercises are other options with music and movement. It is possible to spend quality time with many more activities that interest you.


Cheer Up with Enjoyable Tournaments

Dart, billiard, bowling, table tennis and other options provide you a chance to cheer up with enjoyable tournaments. You can use your accurate shooting skills in dart competitions. You can also organize a pleasant bowling race with your family. Whether you are looking for a very active or calm sport, it is possible to find the option you want here. There are 2 tennis courts and numerous equipment for table tennis, volleyball, bowling and billiard areas. In addition to all of these, there are professional trainers in the fitness center. Professional trainer service offers you a safer and healthier training process since your comfort and health is always our priority.


Always Stay Healthy in Delphin

You can continue your regular fitness routine during your vacation and stay healthy. All sports equipment and other facilities you need are waiting for you at Delphin Hotel. All of these facilities have easy accessibility and a hospitable atmosphere. You can meet new activities that will relax your body and soul. Beach volleyball can be a nice choice that makes you feel the sun and sand. It allows you to start a fun activity after swimming in the sea. There are also suitable courts and equipment for tennis lovers. Tennis courses are also available for those who do not know how to play tennis. All these activities are very beneficial for your blood circulation and health. Delphin Palace always regards dear guest’s comfort and health.