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Amusement Park / Game Room / Cinema

Entertainment is always a priority when you are planning your vacation. Delphin Palace is the leading role that will make your dreams of unlimited fun come true. Game rooms, cinema theatre and more activities await you in our comfortable facilities. Specialized activities for children and adults gratify everyone. Free movie shows are available on different days and times. Cinema, specially designed for children, also offers a different experience. Outdoor use varies according to the season and weather conditions.


Modernly Designed and Comfortable Game Rooms 

Game rooms are designed for your comfort and wishes. You can choose from the billiard pool or bowling halls in the facilities to share a joyful experience with your friends. Holidays do not mean that you have to leave digital services behind. Delphin Palace is equipped with advanced technology with the purpose of tending all your online needs and requests. The entertainment of the digital world is available 24/7 with free Wi-Fi services. Lots of computers and game consoles are available in the halls as well. PC games, which especially attract the attention of young people, are open to single and multi-person competition. Also, if you have an urgent matter, you can easily handle it with the help of the fast internet access provided in the facilities. You can enjoy the benefits of the digital world on your vacation. 


Share a Valuable Experience in Delphin Palace

Films for kids and adults are available in the movie theatre provided by Delphin Palace. Spending quality time is possible by watching a nice film in comfortable halls. The hotel service also creates a special movie calendar for children. The movies that are carefully selected for dear little guests make the families happy. Entertaining and educational films contribute to the development of children. Console games for kids are also available in the facilities. All of these activities and more make adults’ and children’s dreams come true.


Endless Fun in Delphin Palace

Game rooms, cinemas, amusement parks and more designed for guests to have a pleasant time make Delphin Palace unique. There are lots of options for every guest. Various console games can be played alone or with friends. Internet cafe is an area where you can access technological devices. Also, a billiard table and a bowling alley allow the guests to have a competitive and colorful stay. There is an outdoor amusement park for children as well. Outdoor use varies according to weather conditions. There are suitable movie shows for those who do not want to compromise the pleasure of watching a film on vacation. Delphin Palace offers you quality and original activity options to have fun times during your stay.