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Animation / Mini Club

Delphin Imperial gives great value to the guests' satisfaction during their holiday as it offers different entertaining activities for the guests to have a good time. With various animation services offered for the hotel guests, Delphin Imperial also allows children to have fun at the hotel. Through specialized activities for the young, such as sports tournaments organized at the hotel, it is possible for children to have a good holiday. In addition, these activities aim to create a safe and friendly environment for the children to socialize with each other while the parents can sit back and relax. Among the services offered by Delphin Imperial, there is also an educational and entertaining animation for kids. In the evening, skits, revues and animation shows prepared by the hotel's professional animation team are presented to the hotel guests. During the summer months, activities prepared by the animation team of the hotel are held in the amphitheater in the open area.


Unlimited Fun for Kids with Animation and Mini Club

The mini club in Delphin Imperial consists of both fun and educational activities for children guests. Delphin Imperial's international children visitors can also benefit from the hotel's mini club services. In addition to providing Turkish service to little guests between the ages of 4-12, German, Russian and English services are also available in the mini club. In this way, most of the child guests staying in the hotel can benefit from the educational activities in their mother tongue. In the morning and noon, animation shows for children are staged by the hotel animation team.


Kids Spend Quality Time with Mini Club Games

In Delphin Imperial, there are entertaining shows and activities prepared by hotel animators for children to have a good time. Often preferred by families with children, Delphin Imperial has mini disco activities prepared for kids of all ages. Through the mini club games at the hotel, children can dance and socialize while accompanied by entertaining music. The mini disco section is generally preferred by families with children after dinner. It is possible for children to have a more enjoyable holiday. Children staying at the hotel can participate in daytime activities prepared by the animation team. Guests who want to benefit from animation and mini club services can benefit from this service in return for a certain deposit or reservation whenever they need a stroller.


Fun Animations for Kids

Delphin Imperial offers animation, cinema and mini club services specially designed for children of all ages. The children can participate in the hotel animation service with their parents. The hotel also offers a playground service for kids. Through the animation teams working in this playground, children have a fun holiday experience. In the playground, children can do activities accompanied by painting and dancing.The playground serves children both indoors and outdoors. Depending on the weather conditions, kids can have a playground service in outdoor areas.