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Pools / Aquapark / Beach

Delphin Diva offers numerous types of activities and facilities for you to enjoy a wonderful holiday. Various pools, aquapark, and beach are available for all ages. Both you and your children can relax and have fun by taking advantage of many entertainment options prepared by Delphin Diva. There are 6 different pools in the hotel area. The main pool, being the biggest one, allows all guests to enjoy themselves. Other pools specialize in various activities or features. The two other ones are indoor pools for adults and kids. Pool games such as volleyball and sea sports can be performed in specific areas where necessary equipment is provided. While being fun, these games provide a social atmosphere as well. Also, more than one aquapark in the hotel area with different dimensions and depths are appropriate for both adult and child usage. Additionally, Delphin Diva has its own beach for the guests to relax.


Special Pools for Both Children and Adults


Delphin Diva, having multi-functional swimming pools, is favorable for the guests in several ways. Holidays are for relaxing and having fun. Pools promise guests to spend days relaxing. Parents lie down on the sunbed while children play with water under the supervision of the hotel staff. Especially, the pool slide is the most favorable equipment for the children. Parents could spend time around the pool while children are busy with pool accessories. Guests visiting Delphin Diva during the winter or autumn seasons could take advantage of using the indoor pool. Kids enjoy the indoor children's pool, which has a 12 m2 area and a depth of 0,40 meters during winter times as well.


Beach Belonging to Hotel Gives Opportunity to Reach Sea Easily


Holiday means sun, having fun, relaxing, and swimming for the most people. All kinds of facilities being reachable easily, gives guests of Delphin Diva a feeling of comfort. With its 30 meters beach, Delphin Diva fulfills guests' expectations. As a beach resort, the hotel provides a safe and clean swimming experience. All equipment such as sunbed, sea umbrellas, and towels are also provided by the hotel. In addition, a special place for children to play and socialize is located on the beach as well. Delphin Diva offers the best possible service to guests who prefer beach vacations. Guests return their home rested thanks to the comfortable beach, alternative relaxing areas, and a wonderful view of the hotel.


More Fun with Aquapark Activities


When the holiday decision is taken, an aquapark is also requested by those who would like to have more fun and excitement. Delphin Diva has a big swimming pool, located in a 3180 m2 area and with a depth of 1,40 meters, offers an enjoyable holiday. Within the pool area, the aquapark covers 200 m2 with a depth of 1,10 meters. As a well-equipped waterpark resort, Delphin Diva makes the summer holidays more exciting. At the same time, besides an outdoor pool, an indoor pool with 135 m2 width and a 1,35 meters dept offers an alternative selection to guests who prefer indoor swimming. On the other hand, a relaxing pool has alternative facilities. The relaxing pool has a 278 m2 area and a depth of 1.40 meters. The main function of this pool is to relieve fatigue with different waterpark games like water gymnastics or water slides.