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Animation / Mini Club

Unlike the daily lifestyle in the cities, days take longer during the holiday season in the hotel. Guests spend all day on the beach or in the pool in the daytime. Also, different games and indoor activities are irreplaceable alternatives. Provided as a unique service by Delphin Diva, the Mini club welcomes the guests as an excellent opportunity for the children aged between 4 and 12. Mini club animators speak different languages such as Russian, German, English, Turkish. This way, the club helps the Kids with their language education by giving them the opportunity to practice during summertime. While kids are painting, dancing, they also have the chance to make friends from different cultures. Mini club games are designed for the kids’ expectations. Together with these, children’s cinema is another cultural activity. Parents having small kids could enjoy baby carriage with deposit. Also, Delphin Diva has its own medical team, helping guests in case of any health issue.


A Wonderful Time for Kids in the Amusement Park

The mini club also offers different animation shows for the kids. Kids spend their time painting and dancing in the morning. And then, in the afternoon, they could join animation shows. At the same time, some other activities such as sports tournaments, pool games, music, performances, revue, and skit attract the attention of children. As all their time is filled, they do not get bored. Furthermore, the amusement park is the most popular area of the hotel as it includes fun, exciting activities in it. The park has different equipment making the kids happy. While kids have an excellent time in the mini club, parents could take advantage of resting on the beach. Especially amusement park for kids attracts the attention of kids. Park has a very colorful and exciting world.


Indoor and Outdoor Playground Activities

Depends on the weather conditions, playground activities take place either indoors or outdoors.  Playground for kids has ergonomic design and safety precautions. Plastic materials are suitable for kid usage and do not include any unhealthy parts. Swing, slides, ball pool, and different games equipment entertain kids during nice weather. When it rains or when the weather is cold, parents may prefer indoor playground activities for their kids. Kids either have fun with the ball pool, swings, or slides or by getting on the mini train, plane or any other game tools. At the same time, some special games like bowling, billiard, computer games attract adults. In addition to the children, adults can benefit from various games designed for them as well.


Kids Socialize with Animation Shows

During animation shows, many children come together and share the same atmosphere. This helps them get to know each other and have the advantage of watching shows together. The main concern is to entertain kids while their parents are taking advantage of resting on the beach, swimming in the pool, or playing different games. Hotel animators know how to amuse kids by performing various activities. They perform their show in the morning and the afternoon.