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Amusement Park / Game Room / Cinema

Delphin Diva offers numerous activities for the guests to enjoy their stay. This alternates from various facilities outdoors such as the beach or the pool to the game room and the cinema. Different events take place in different areas of the hotel. Guests can use these facilities, such as the game room. Delphin Diva offers a social environment for you and your friends to have a fulfilled holiday. You can create your own entertainment and have a pleasant time during daytime guests could play any game that they like. Cultural activities are available both for kids and adults. While parents enjoy the sun on the beach, kids can enjoy various activities in the game room or have fun at the playground. 


Take Advantage of Being Online During Holiday

In addition to wireless internet, Delphin Diva also has an internet cafe. The computers at the internet cafe provide for any kind of online needs you might have on your holiday. You can easily make voice or video calls, check important work or play games to pass the time. Similarly, kids could play computer games in this area as well. Both children and adults can enjoy console games. Internet cafe provides a wide range of equipment for all your needs. This way, guests experience high-quality games as if they are at their home. Internet connection at every point of the hotel makes guests connected to the digital world. This allows you to stay connected to the world at all times.


Watching Popular Films During Holiday

The hotel offers the best cinema films with high-quality cinema screens. Guests can enjoy these periodically shown films at any time of the day. While this allows the guests to keep themselves up to date, the comfortable movie theatre also provides a relaxing environment. During the holiday, these kinds of events are also possible for the families who like to watch films together. Carefully selected films are screened in the cinema both for children and adults. Also, cartoons and animated movies fulfill kids’ expectations. Both parents and kids enjoy popular films in the well-decorated cinema atmosphere.


Game Room Offers Different Alternatives

The game room has different games maintaining different skills of guests. One of the room games is billiard. It is a unique game where hand, eye, and brain coordination is essential. Delphin Diva provides the guests with top-quality equipment to enjoy any kind of games. Not only is this mentally beneficial, but it also has physical benefits as it needs physical and mental coordination. Bowling is another game that is played with more than one person. The facilities allow guests to have fun with their friends while offering a safe and fun environment. With all these and more, Delphin Diva ensures a wonderful holiday for all.