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Animation / Mini Club

Holidays are for relaxing and enjoying yourselves. For your stay to be perfect, animation shows are highly important. Both for you and for your kids, a joyful holiday comes with professional entertainers and various activities. Delphin Deluxe offers numerous kinds of opportunities to have an unforgettable time during your stay.


The Opportunity for a Full Day of Fun

After a full day of relaxing by the beach or the pool, you will find yourself well rested and ready to have fun. By putting interesting performances, animation shows will ensure that you enjoy yourselves. There are various shows prepared both for you and your kids. Of course, there are also animations that will entertain you and your children together and make you have a pleasant time. Furthermore, Delphin Deluxe offers live music nights where you can listen to quality music with your friends at the open amphitheater. On the hot summer days, you can feel the gentle breeze at the theater as you enjoy the music or animations. In addition, various entertainment activities are organized during the day at Delphin Deluxe. You can always visit periodic shows during the day when you want to experience something new to enjoy your holiday.


Activities of All Ages

Their children’s enjoyment is significant for most families. Delphin Deluxe provides various kinds of entertainment opportunities for children of all ages. If you are on a vacation with your baby, you can play with them on the playground for toddlers. You can enjoy them and let them play with other babies too. If you are in need to use stroller; you can reserve the stroller or you can use it by giving the certain amount of deposit. So, you don't have to carry a stroller to your vacation. There are opportunities thought for your comfort at every moment. If you have a child over the age of 3, you can let your child to be taken care of the special animation crew in the playground. By letting play them on the playground with other kids under the observation of animation crew, you can be sure that they are taken care of well and you can enjoy your day by yourself or with your friends. Your kids can do painting, dance and also can spend time with the play doughs too in the playground park.


Various Specific Benefits

While kids enjoy spending time in the mini club, you can have fun by spending the day with activities you would like to do. It is important to see children’s needs as priority. That is why kids’ cinema will be another option for your kids to spend quality time. There are many options and amusement park rides is another one in those options. Your kids will be safe and well-guarded all the time in anywhere in Delphin Deluxe. If you have worries about communication for your children while they play in the mini club; mini club offers the option for German, Russian, English and Turkish speaking adults to play with your children and have an eye on them while they play with each other with playground accessories. Mini club takes ages between four and twelve; and provides you the space you need for yourself.