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Sport & BE Fit

Delphin Be Grand Resort offers quality facilities that you will be able to do your sports activities while on holiday. Thanks to the quality opportunities you will find more than just sports while on holiday. In this way, even if you are a professional athlete, you will not fail to do your workout. Delphin Be Grand Resort offers you a wide range of sports with its many sports fields and sports facilities. With the tennis courts, football field, and beach volleyball area within the sports facility, you will enjoy the summer by performing sports outdoors. Besides, you will be able to protect your health and body with the fitness center. With water sports, the hotel offers a quality sports experience for you and your family. In addition, many activities such as aerobics, step, and gymnastics await you with our expert coaches.

Enjoy Your Holiday by Exercising

Tennis courts, football field, beach volleyball field offers outdoor sports experience for you and your family. In this way, you will enjoy the summer by performing sports. You can have fun with your family or other vacationers in our outdoor sports areas. You can compete by teaming up with other guests along with team sports. Thus, you can make new friendships with the socialization provided by sports activities. By workout on holiday, you will protect both your body health and your mental health. After the holiday, you will be back to your home in a healthier way.

Stay in Shape with BE FIT

Delphin Be Grand Resort has a 1350 square meter fitness centre. We have created our fitness centre with the highest quality fitness equipment for our guests. Thus, you will have the opportunity to perform sports when the weather is cold. With the expert coaches we have, you can work out during your stay as well. Our expert coaches prepared their programs for our guests. Also, the assistance of our expert coaches will help you stay in shape. All the equipment in our fitness center is sufficient for our guests. Besides, there is a 135 square meter pilates area and step activities. You will enjoy the pleasure of performing sports on holiday for you, your family and your children. Thanks to our expert coaches, your sports experience will be fun, and you will preserve your health.

Many Entertaining Sports Activities

For our guests, we have not only outdoor sports activities but also indoor activities. The hotel provides you indoor activities where both you and your family can have fun priority. Delphin Be Grand Resort attaches great importance to hygiene in both fitness equipment and other places. Also, we provide all hygiene measures for your comfort. Thus, it offers you the safest environment to enjoy your sports while on holiday. Delphin Be Grand Resort provides you with quality sports activities while on your holiday without sacrificing your comfort.