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Pools / Aquapark / Beach

Delphin Be Grand Resort offers you a high-quality holiday with numerous facilities and activities it provides. In order to ensure that you have an entertaining stay, the hotel is equipped with pools with various specialities, aqua park equipment and a long beach. With its unique seashore and seascape, the hotel gives you a relaxing view. The clean beach and colorful life offer you a unique experience on your holiday. Additionally, Delphin Be Grand offers aquaparks, water slides, and swimming pools designed specifically for children or for adults. This way, your safety always stays the priority next to your enjoyment.


Aquapark Slides and Swimming Pools

Delphin Be Grand offers various kinds of swimming and relaxing pools. While some are specially designed for children, adult pools give you the opportunity to swim on a daily basis. The wide, open area presented by the pools created a perfect environment for sunbathing as well. In addition, the aquapark is one of the biggest attractions of the hotel. The aqua tower pool is 1007 square meters wide and provides a unique experience with its gigantic size. There are seven aquapark slides for children and nine fun slides for parents. Each one ensures a different kind of enjoyment with their own designs and structures. The slide pool, with its 323 square meter width, provides a wonderful environment for all guests. On the other hand, the semi-Olympic swimming pool allows guests to enjoy a full day of uninterrupted swimming experience.


Your Safety Comes First

Delphin Be Grand makes sure that you feel special during your stay. The expert crew ensures your safety through all your visits to the aquapark, swimming pools or the beach. Designed especially for this purpose, swimming pools for kids allow children to play in a social and trustworthy environment. Since these pools are built in a suitable depth and width, you can comfortably leave your children to play with their friends while you relax. Safeguards are also actively present during your visits to the beach. While the beach is clean and every detail is arranged for your safety, the safeguards are consistently present for all your needs. 


A Pleasant Holiday with Entertaining Pool Games

Delphin Be Grand Resort also presents various activities to spend your time with your friends or family. While pool games can help you relax and have fun, you can also choose to create a competitive environment with your friends. Delphin Be Grand also possesses a professional approach towards pool and beach hygiene. In addition to the pools, the beds, towels and all kinds of equipment are effectively cleaned after each use. With all these opportunities and more, Delphin Be Grand welcomes you to an unforgettable holiday.