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Animation / Mini Club

With various activities, Delphin Be Grand Resort allows children and parents to have a great holiday. The hotel also provides you with numerous opportunities to have fun and to increase your enjoyment while on vacation. Since they are consistently performing different activities, they will not be bored and will return to their homes rested. Children's cinema, as one of the hotel entertainment programs, allows the children to have a pleasant time. It provides them with enjoyable cartoons, animated movies, and much more to have a colorful holiday. Your children will enjoy their holiday with films that are selected differently for children of all ages.


A Special Amusement Park for the Children

Delphin Be Grand Resort designs everything accordingly to the children who love to play at the parks. There are quite a lot of games for both kids and parents. Thus, both children and their parents can have a pleasant time together. One of the areas where the children have the most fun is the amusement park. With the huge amusement park games, children have hours of fun and enjoyment. Moreover, the park allows you to create unforgettable memories with your children. Your children will be delighted with several activities during the holiday. Delphin Be Grand Resort enables children to have fun with its playground, different concepts and provides various games. While this allows them to have fun, the playgrounds with slides introduce them to other children of their age as well. The hotel's natural environment will help the children explore and learn about the trees and flowers as well.


Various Animations in the Amphitheater for Children

Organizing a vast range of different exclusive animations, Delphin Be Grand Resort, ensures that your children have a pleasant time. They both have fun and learn with various animations and games. There are different animations both in the morning and in the evening. In the summer, evening animations are held in the amphitheater. Animators prepare scenarios entirely for children. Animators both entertain the children and provide them with educational information. This way, the hotel creates a beneficial environment for the children. With the daytime and evening animations, they have the chance to have fun whenever they want. The children will love the animators with their fun outfits and will enjoy the shows they put. This will allow you to have some time for yourself as well.


Exclusive Mini Disco for the Little Dancers

In addition to animation programs, Mini Disco also provides a unique place for your children. Mini disco, were German, English, Russian, and Turkish education programs are held, ensures that children have quality time. Mini disco is an education area that appeals to children between the ages of 4-12. With its mini clubhouse and garden, it allows children to have fun in a natural environment. Hotel animations are performed indoors during the winter and ensure that the activities continue. With the mini club, the hotel allows children to make the most of their enjoyable time. Thus, allowing the parents to relax while their children are in good hands.