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Sport & Fitness

In order not to lose your daily fitness routine during your holiday, Botanik Hotel offers you opportunities to keep fit and exercise.  You can do sports whenever you want with a variety of different equipment. It is also possible to do your exercises in areas available for sports without workout equipment.

Keep Healthy on Your Holiday

Botanik Hotel provides you with a wide range of indoor and outdoor areas for sports. During your holiday, you will be able to do your exercises at the hotel, where you can also receive services from sports coaches who are experts in their field. You can enjoy the sun in areas that allow you to do outdoor sports. You can play tennis on the large tennis court. Guests can enjoy the sport along with the equipment provided by the Botanik Hotel. In addition to outdoor sports, you can do sports such as billiards every day, where you can have an enjoyable time. You can play darts with the dart set, just like in billiards, you can spend your time with indoor sports. You can easily benefit from the sports activities offered at Botanik Hotel, so you can feel energetic during your holiday.

Have Fun with Outdoor Sports

Botanik Hotel offers a volleyball area on the beach for you to enjoy the sun in the summer and have a fun at the same time. In this way, you can take volleyball to a different level, which you can play as an outdoor sport. In addition, there are water sports that you can do outdoors again. In Botanik, you can do water sports with motorized or not motorized water vehicles as well. You can enjoy the clear water with activities such as surfing. Many areas are also provided for you in Botanik to perform your swimming activities. The choice is left to you along with different types of swimming pools. There are also exclusive areas for the children to do sports. Sports for kids also allow them to have a pleasant and healthy stay. If you want to do the sports while enjoying the warm weather while on holiday, the possibilities offered by Botanik Hotel are just for you.

Relieve Your Stress with Indoor Sports

Indoor sports are also available at the Botanik Hotel. Along with the gyms located in our hotel, it becomes possible to do many types of sports with or without equipment. You can create a program with sports coaches that are experts in their respective field to follow a routine at the gym and practice it throughout your holiday. In addition to fitness workouts, you can also do aerobics workouts such as pilates or yoga, helping you relax your body. Along with the coaches who support you, you can participate in both personal or group activities. Water gymnastics is also one of the types of gymnastics provided by the hotel. Along with many sports areas and sports equipment facilities available for both yourself and your children, you can relieve your stress and have a productive holiday.