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Covid-19 Statement

Delphin Group Hotels Cleaning Protocols Notification

As Delphin Hotels, we take Hygiene and Cleaning standards very seriously and we are taking measures to provide the safety of our guests & personnel.

As Delphin Hotels, we are closely following the statements made by Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) and Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health about coronavirus (COVID-19).

Health and safety measures of our hotels are designed to deal with a large range of viruses including COVID-19 and include procedures ranging from hand washing hygiene and cleaning product specification to cleaning of guest rooms and common areas.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 cases, we have taken all necessary measures for the safety of our guests and personnel as follows;

  • Hand Hygiene: We know that proper and frequent hand washing is crucial to fight the conta gion of virus. We remind to our teams that the hygiene begins with this simple action before beginning to work. Info graphics and posters are prepared and posted in all personnel areas for the purpose of reminding regular and proper hand washing hygiene & disinfection.
  • Continuous Education: In addition to training of floor housekeeping and hygiene protocols, COVID-19 awareness trainings have been given to all our personnel including our operating managers.
  • Real-Time Information : As Delphin Hotels; news portals are being monitored 7/24 to provide coordination with local and regional authorities and departments within the company are notified immediately to take necessary measures.

Cleaning Products and Protocols 

We are working with our suppliers to make them procure and use virus killing products and necessary protective equipment approved by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health in our Hotels.

Our Hotels are using cleaning products effective against viruses and these include: 

Guest Rooms, General Areas : Our cleaning and disinfection instructions are applied to clean the rooms after the guests leave and before the arrival of next guests.

To decrease the risk of infection, disinfection procedures on places with high contact surfaces such as tables,chairs, door handles, hand rails, receivers, elevator buttons, air conditioning and light switches are increased as well as standard cleaning implemented in our facilities. 

Disinfection units available in our general WCs in our hotels are increased and a disinfection unit is placed at
the entrance of restaurant in addition to cologne offerings.

Ventilation procedures are naturally implemented often in cleaning of rooms and general areas in our hotels. Regular disinfection procedures are increased in addition to regular air conditioning of guest and personnel areas and implementation of standard cleaning.

General areas surface cleaning is implemented by machines using chlorine based chemicals in our hotels.

In our hotels, chemical substances with highest efficiency are used in Cleaning and Disinfection procedures.

General areas and our rooms are disinfected daily with our Ultra Low Volume(ULV) devices and efficient disinfectants.

  • Personnel Areas: In the areas that personnel work “behind the stage”, all personnel areas such as common entrances, changing room, laundry rooms and personnel offices are cleaned and disinfected on daily basis. The used computers and equipment are also regularly disinfected.
  • Mini Club-Spa-Turkish Bath/Fitness/Shopping Center: In our hotels, the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of bathhouse, massage rooms, changing rooms, general shower areas and sinks, fitness area and shopping centers used by our guests are increased. All toys used by our little guests and all areas touched by any hands are carefully disinfected in Mini Club.
  • Other Measures: Room keys are disinfected before and after each use one by one. Soaps used in our hotels currently are changed with the ones with high disinfection features. The frequency of cleaning via disinfection application with our ULV devices in our personnel service and dwelling-houses is increased in our hotels. Capacity of our restaurants are decreased, thus close contact of our guests is minimized.
  • Activity Notification : If there is any doubt about the existence of a COVID-19 case in one of our hotels, the related health organization will immediately be notified and cooperative actions are taken with the authorities. During the stay of sick guest, we apply an additional cleaning and disinfection protocol as well asthe cleaning & disinfection of patient’s room. In addition to that, we seal the hotel guest’s room (for example, prevention of personnel or other people) and apply an emergency procedure designed to disinfect everything in the room including the disinfection of the air.

To protect the health of our guests and personnel is the most important element for us.

As Delphin Hotels, we would like to state that we have taken all measures and precautions and constantly try
to develop them.